Share your thoughts about Mankato Area Public Schools

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Photo Credit: Mankato Area Public Schools

The Mankato Area Public Schools are asking for the public to share their perspective on how our schools are doing and contribute to an ongoing dialogue on how the community can work together to improve the education experience for all of our students.

The school district has set up an online portal known as a “Thoughtexchange” for this dialogue to take place. The first phase of the public input process asks for participants to provide their thoughts on concerns they have for our schools, things they appreciate about our schools, and things they think students should be able to experience that they currently cannot.

Responses are requested by February 17. All responses are anonymous. A second phase of the process will allow participants to review responses from others and “star” those that they think are important so that key themes can be developed.

To participate in the online Thoughtexchange use this link: