The Partner Posse

Young confident super businessman in mask and cape at nightYou know what sets our community apart, at least from an economic development standpoint? Partnership. When a new business comes to town to inquire about locating here, the right people make themselves available to share what it’s like doing business in Greater Mankato. Our cities, utilities, educational partners, resource providers, and most importantly our businesses work together to tell a consistent message: “You be successful here.”

Now I can go on and on about everything that makes this community great, but you can scope that out for yourself on the rest of 更大曼卡托.com. What I’m emphasizing is …to use an analogy, when the Bat Signal goes up in the sky (a business is coming to visit) the posse assembles. That happens in every community, right?  In many, yes, but not all. And I’ve heard that when they do assemble, it’s not always smooth.

Here it’s smooth. Now if I start to give examples I’m afraid I would leave something out.  However, I previously blogged about an example 这里. Honestly, who assembles is dependent on the business/client’s interests.  The public may not always see the collaboration but it does happen in economic development. Here is a list of who has come to the table to help present Greater Mankato:

  • Current and former Greater Mankato Growth Board Members
  • City leadership and utilities
  • 明尼苏达州立大学曼凯托分校
  • 中南学院
  • 艾克塞尔能源
  • Benco Electric and Great River Energy
  • 中点能源
  • Consolidated Communications Inc
  • Charter Communications
  • Neutral Path Networks
  • Industry specialists (engineers, small businesses, major employers, etc.)
  • 明尼苏达州就业和经济发展部

It is a pleasure to work with professionals like these who hold the community and the region’s prosperity as a top priority.