Top 10 Signs You’re a Greater Mankato Young Professional

Who doesn’t like a Top Ten list?  Some of the ranking below may be up for debate, and there may even be other signs that you’re a part of Greater Mankato Growth’s Young Professional (YP) program…but one thing is for sure:  there is a lot of upside to joining the YPs.

So here they are, your Top 10 signs you’re a Greater Mankato Young Professional:

10.) You’ve tried signing up for an event on the GMG website the day of the event.

9.) Lunch just seems lonely without 10 other faces around the table.

8.) You can now “work a room” in 30 minutes.

7.) Rock climbing is valuable professional development.

6.) You can tie a perfect half Windsor, no mirror, in one cycle of a stop light.

5.) You have a Moondogs pocket schedule.  And you know what a Moondog is.

4.) You know at least two people at the grocery store EVERY time you shop.

3.) You’ve kayaked and networked at the same time

2.) You know the top 10 restaurant patios in the community

1.) You type “s” into the “To…” section of an email and Shannon’s email address pops up first

For more information on the Greater Mankato Young Professionals visit our website.