Webinar for Training Program


On February 13, at 10 am, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry is conducting a webinar for a program already used by two Greater Mankato area employers.  The PIPELINE Program is a training program that is industry-based and employer-driven.

Dual training, like apprenticeship, is an earn-as-you-learn approach where the employer invests in its employee by building a training infrastructure, developing career pathways and investing in the employee’s education.

The PIPELINE Program supports employers to develop and expand dual-training through tools and technical support. Dual-training grants, administered by Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE), provide funding for employers to create new dual-training programs and provide dual-training opportunities.

The Minnesota PIPELINE (Private Investment, Public Education, Labor and 
ndustry Experience) Program is an innovative approach to address current and future workforce needs. It serves as a catalyst for developing industry-based, employer-driven, dual-training programs throughout the state.

The program targets four high-growth industry sectors with limited experience with Minnesota’s apprenticeship system:

Here is a summary sheet on the program:  http://www.dli.mn.gov/PDF/pipeline/WhatIsPipeline.pdf

Below is the link for the MN Dept of Labor & Industry’s webinar:

  Join us for a PIPELINE Program 101 webinar, February 13, 2018.