Connecting Minnesota Manufacturers

The MN Supplier Match is an initiative of the Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota!® program, seeking to highlight and expand Minnesota’s robust supply chain, increasing business-to-business activity in the state.

MN Supplier Match creates value for Minnesota businesses who want the advantages of sourcing from local suppliers: accessibility, short lead-times, shared networks, and trusted quality. It creates value for suppliers looking for new business opportunities with Minnesota-based customers. And it creates value for the Minnesota economy by keeping more dollars in the state and making our suppliers and buyers more competitive.

The program works in three different ways:

1.)    Minnesota companies with a business-to-business product or service can be listed as a supplier in the MN Supplier Match database.

2.)    The MN Chamber provides assistance to buyers and suppliers looking to get connected.

3.)    The MN Chamber conducts quarterly roundtable events to bring buyers and suppliers together, face-to-face, to build relationships with each other and discuss general supply chain issues and best practices.

Greater Mankato Growth is actively planning an event, in our region, with the State Chamber for later this year focused on the Food and Agricultural industries and their supply chains.  For more information on this event, contact John Considine at [email protected].

For more information on MN Supplier Match visit the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce website.

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