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Greater Mankato es un mercado regional vibrante y dinámico que incluye el área estadística metropolitana de Mankato - North Mankato (que abarca los condados de Blue Earth y Nicollet).

Greater Mankato es un mercado regional vibrante y dinámico que incluye el área estadística metropolitana de Mankato – North Mankato (que abarca los condados de Blue Earth y Nicollet). Ubicados en un "punto óptimo" del sur de Minnesota, nuestros residentes y empresas tienen acceso a servicios y comodidades de "ciudades más grandes" en las ciudades centrales de Mankato y North Mankato, rodeadas de encantadoras ciudades más pequeñas y áreas rurales, con Minneapolis-St. El área metropolitana de Paul se encuentra a poca distancia en auto hacia el norte.

Our residents can enjoy their morning coffee at their home located in the city, on a farm, or by a lake, while making it to their workplace in 16 minutes or less. After work, they can take advantage of the area’s many activities and attractions before enjoying a quick and easy drive home.

Our businesses capitalize on our diverse economy, productive supply chain, and highly-educated and broad talent pool. They leverage the region’s growing consumer base while creating long-lasting relationships with a wide range of business partners.

Residents are not alone in recognizing the unique combination of economic vitality, talent, livability, business environment, and resources found only in Greater Mankato. This region continues to receive national recognition in areas such as livability, economy, and leisure.


Mankato, Minnesota is a major regional center that has been designated as a Metropolitan Statistical Area and has earned several livability awards. Recently, it was reported that Mankato’s economic growth leads Minnesota and is among the top in the nation. Low office and energy costs, as well as productive workforce, make Mankato one of the least expensive places to do business in the Upper Midwest and places it in the top 17 percent of the nation.


Norte de Mankato is part of the urban center of the Mankato – North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located just one hour south of Minneapolis/St. Paul, with convenient access right off highways 169 and 14. Nestled along the bluffs at the bend of the Minnesota River in south central Minnesota, North Mankato is home to 13,500 residents. In addition to the city’s lively economic development scene and low cost of doing business, North Mankato also offers a high quality of living. From numerous parks and trails to the home of the state renowned Caswell Park, this city offers a multitude of adventurous opportunities.

San Pedro

The City of Saint Peter was incorporated in 1873 and is located approximately 60 miles south of Minneapolis/Saint Paul in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley (10 miles north of Mankato).  The city has a population of over 11,400 and was originally intended to be the capital of the State of Minnesota.  As the legislators were preparing to vote on the location of the capital, Joe Rolette stole the bill that would have named Saint Peter as capital and hid with it until after the legislature voted for Saint Paul.

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Named the second fastest growing city in Minnesota in 2016, Eagle Lake is a small city with a family friendly atmosphere: a safe, quiet community located just a few minutes from the large regional center of Mankato. Although many residents work outside of the city, they enjoy the friendly neighborhoods they come home to. The ease of meeting the daily needs of life make Eagle Lake a great place to live.

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La ciudad de Lake Crystal, Minnesota, está ubicada en el condado de Blue Earth, 12 millas al suroeste de Mankato, a la salida de MN State Hwy 60. Lake Crystal está ubicada a orillas de Crystal Lake y tiene una población de 2593 habitantes.

Condado de la tierra azul

Nestled in the heart of the Minnesota River Valley in the south central part of the state, Blue Earth County encompasses 764 square miles of several lakes, rivers, streams, and rich agricultural land. The County has 368 miles of rivers and is beautifully landscaped with wooded bluffs. Blue Earth County is known for its many parques, senderos y campamentos.

Condado de Nicollet

El condado de Nicollet, llamado así en honor al explorador francés Joseph N. Nicollet, se encuentra en el centro sur de Minnesota y se parece mucho a un triángulo isósceles con 104,6 millas de frente al río Minnesota. Dentro del total de 280,866.22 acres en el condado, casi 245,000 acres son tierras de cultivo con 24,000 acres de tierras forestales y 12,000 acres de humedales. El condado está compuesto por 5 ciudades y 13 municipios.

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