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Population 2012-2022 Tasa de crecimiento

Mankato-North Mankato se clasifica bien cuando se compara nuestra comunidad con otras con una población similar, comunidades con una población similar en edad universitaria y otras comunidades en todo el Medio Oeste.


The Mankato MSA has had steady population growth since 2012.  In the 10-year period between July 2012and July 2022, the population of the Mankato MSA grew by 6.2%.  This exceeded the combined growth rate of the 32 MSAs in the upper Midwest (MN, ND, SD, IA, WI) by 3.46%.  Over the same 10-year period, communities with a similar college-aged population exceeded this, growing by 6.51%; however, those communities had an average population almost double (194,847) than that of the Mankato MSA. MSAs of similar size population (the 10 just above and the 10 just below) grew by only 0.54%.

Para obtener el informe completo y una mirada detallada a Mankato-North Mankato en comparación con comunidades de tamaño similar, descargue el Informe económico de Greater Mankato a continuación, o revise los informes de años anteriores.

Negocios nuevos y en expansión

Building and expansion activity continues to be strong in Greater Mankato. For details on these projects, download our construction investment report in Greater Mankato. It provides a breakdown for the past five years and details by industry sector: primary (manufacturing, distribution, processing), professional services (attorneys, accounting, consulting), retail (restaurants, clothing, boutiques). It also provides data for government and education investments broken into investments for specific projects and infrastructure investments. 

Greater Mankato Growth tracks construction investment into commercial projects based on building permit data as well as public infrastructure & project investment. Investments not requiring building permits and housing development that is not mixed use is not captured in these reports.

Greater Mankato Construction Investment

The following charts and graphs illustrate business & development investments occurring between 2018 and 2022. The consolidated report gives a detailed listing of projects within this timeframe or view reports for individual years. 

Aspectos destacados del Informe consolidado de cartera de negocios de 2017-2021:
Diapositiva anterior
La siguiente diapositiva
Inversión Histórica

Following the 2022Pipeline Report, Greater Mankato’s 10-year investment rose to $1.7 billion. Greater Mankato’s City Center Investment since 2007 is just shy of $300 million.

Diversificación de la industria

Greater Mankato’s general economic makeup is highly diversified, with approximately 36% Primary Economy, 53% Professional/Service Economy and 11% Retail/ Consumer Economy. Even within these areas, the economy is diversified, with no sector accounting for more than 18% of the overall economy.

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