Get your business FEATURED…

…in front of Upper Midwesterners, Southern Minnesotans, potential new residents and tourists by having a presence in Kato X.  Kato X is a virtual tour web platform and robust marketing campaign – where seeing is believing!

And it’s not just a static website.  There are a lot of websites out there for promoting business.  Kato X is different.  It gives the audience what they want:  learn about the fun cool places in Greater Mankato.  Businesses that subscribe to have a presence in Kato X will have “activation points” within the 360° imagery (think “an icon placed on a photo”).  Depending on your level of subscription, a business can have their own 360° video, drone imagery, link to website and so much more.  Each business’s activation point will relate to the community amenity it’s featured in.

Below are some examples of photos that will have a presence on Kato X.  Now within the web platform, the audience will be able to pan around and explore the community.  The website will be continually upgraded with new content to keep the audience interested.

In addition to the marketing campaign, Greater Mankato Growth will be coordinating, many of the area’s major employers will be driving traffic to the website. If you’re a smaller retailer, this is an opportunity to get your business in front of both existing and future residents and leverage the marketing dollars of much larger companies.

Kato X will get in front of 4-5 million sets of eyes in the next year and be the one stop shop to learn about Greater Mankato.

Space is limited. To learn more or to sign up, contact Susan at Greater Mankato Growth at [email protected] or 507-385-6646.

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childrens museum kato x.JPG

Screenshot of the Kato X Prototype


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