Boot Covers and Beard Nets – Suiting up with a company who boasts high quality food standards

Grain Millers Inc. Visit

Pictured Left to Right: John Considine, Jim Santori and Sam Ziegler of Greater Mankato Growth

During a heavy down pour Jim, John and I jump out of the truck to dash for the front door of a yellow warehouse looking building back a week and half ago. We only had fifty feet to dash to make it inside, as we wipe the water from our face we were greeted by two staff from Grain Millers Specialty Division here in St. Peter, MN. Once we signed in we spent some time in their conference room getting a briefing on the company which was quite impressive, they have food processing plants in a number of states and a couple in Canada. They handle oats, flax, soybeans, corn and a long list of more specialized products that are in our grocery stores. For the full list of products you can check out there website:

Next, we found ourselves suiting up with white coats, hair and beard nets, nice white shoe covers, hard hats, safety glasses and using hand sanitizer before we stepped foot out of the office and onto the production floor. The place was spotless and if you know much about soybeans they can be very dusty, not in here. The place was filled with bulk bins, cleaning equipment and specialized high tech equipment that sorted products by color and shape.

It was a impressive company with the highest of quality food standards you would find any where in the world and they are right in our back yard.

The visit to Grain Millers Specialty Division was part of the Business Retention & Expansion program led by business development staff from Greater Mankato Growth in an effort to communicate and coordinate efforts for the success of businesses and the marketplace. For more information on Business Retention & Expansion visits follow the link:

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