Greater Mankato Growth Urges Congress to Support Small Businesses

Greater Mankato Growth has joined with more than 100 chambers of commerce and trade associations from across the country to urge Congress to take legislative action which will ensure small businesses have a voice in the federal rulemaking process. The intent of the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) of 1980 was to ensure that burdensome regulations and red tape are not imposed on small businesses. Unfortunately, the intent of the law has not been reality, and federal regulators have been able to bypass the requirements in the law through loopholes and erroneous interpretations of the law. Some federal agencies have in fact simply failed to comply with the law with any explanation. This is unacceptable.

Small businesses are a backbone of our economy in Greater Mankato and the United States. We can’t afford to impose more burdens and barriers for small businesses who are simply trying to serve their customers and clients.

We join the more than 100 chambers of commerce across the country urging Congress to take action and prioritize legislation that strengthens and closes loopholes in the Regulatory Flexibility Act.

– Andy

To read the full letter, follow this link.

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