Greater Mankato’s Greatest Opportunity

Does kayaking, attending baseball games, VIP symphony access, brewery tours and snow tubing sound fun to you? It does for more than 200 individuals in Greater Mankato. Who are these individuals? They are members of the Greater Mankato Young Professionals.

What are Young Professionals? Who can join? And what are the benefits of joining?

The Greater Mankato Young Professionals (YPs) are a group of 200+ individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who live and work in Greater Mankato and are employed by businesses which are members of Greater Mankato Growth. Through Young Professionals, the participants receive networking opportunities, professional development classes and the ability to attend social events that introduce them to amenities around the community. The events listed above are only a few examples of 12 social events that the Young Professionals get to attend through yearly membership, and that isn’t even taking into account the 12 professional development events!

Young Professionals is a perfect way to immerse yourself into our community while bettering yourself professionally and personally, and getting to meet people who are in a similar situation and point in their life or career. Networking can be a little intimidating, but with Greater Mankato Growth offering programs like Young Professionals it makes that task much easier (and more fun)! Who knows, you could meet future friends, employers, co-workers, or even a spouse through a group like this. To learn more about joining Young Professionals or sending young professionals from your business to network through this group, visit


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