Occupations in Demand (OID) lists current career opportunities in a region as determined by regularly updated local labor market data. The OID list for a region is the group of occupations that rank highest on a Current Demand Indicator, which measures short-term demand for jobs locally.

OID can be used by job seekers and employment counselors for job search and career planning.

The data is available at the regional level.  If you’re interested in data for Greater Mankato, look at EDR 9 South Central Minnesota.  This includes Blue Earth, Brown, Faribault, Le Sueur, Martin, Nicollet, Sibley, Waseca and Watonwan counties.

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Link to the tool:  https://mn.gov/deed/data/data-tools/oid/

To find jobs in these in demand career fields, visit greatermankatojobs.com


Data sources

The OID Current Demand Indicator is calculated on the basis of the following data sources:

  • Job Vacancy Survey
  • Occupational Employment Statistics
  • Unemployment Insurance claims



Current Demand Rank
Displays all occupations ordered from those with a more favorable current demand to those with less favorable current demand conditions. A rank order of 1 corresponds to the most favorable demand conditions.

Current Demand Indicator
Represents how favorable current demand conditions are for an occupation relative to other occupations in the same region. Occupations are rated using a combination of local labor market data and then assigned an indicator from ‘Five Stars’ (more favorable current demand conditions) to ‘One Star’ (less favorable current demand conditions).

25th Percentile Wage
The point at which 75% of workers earn more and 25% of workers earn less.

Median Wage
Half of all workers in this occupation earn less, the other half earn more.

Tasa de crecimiento
A measure of how fast an occupation is expected to create jobs over the most recent 10-year projection period.

Total Openings
A measure of how many jobs there will be in an occupation over the most recent 10-year projection period.

Education Requirements
Categories that best represent the typical education level needed to enter an occupation.

On-the-job Training Requirements
Categories that best indicate the typical on-the-job training needed to attain competency in the occupation. Assignments for this category include internship/residency; apprenticeship; long-term, moderate-term, or short-term on-the-job training; or none.

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