Xcel Energy-Minnesota lanza un servicio para ayudar a las empresas comerciales e industriales

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Minneapolis (March 7, 2023) – Xcel Energy-Minnesota recently launched Empower Facilities, an innovative customer-centric service that delivers energy savings through upgraded energy efficient systems to benefit commercial and industrial business customers. The company sees this as a turnkey solution, as Xcel Energy experts provide a facility assessment and offer proposals for how customers can implement solutions with flexible financing options to meet their needs.

“Inflation is impacting everyone, especially businesses, and this innovative product was developed to help large customers maximize their bottom lines by realizing energy efficiency projects and the associated deep energy savings, without any up-front investment,” said Emmett Romine, Vice President of Customer Solutions and Innovation at Xcel Energy. “Our energy experts handle the system’s design and installation. Optional services include proactive monitoring and system maintenance to optimize energy savings.”

Empower Facilities is designed to help Xcel Energy customers save energy and achieve their sustainability goals, in line with the company’s vision to become an overall net-zero energy company by 2050, while keeping service reliable and customer bills low. This innovative service helps customers remove barriers to implement energy efficiency projects by providing Xcel Energy’s technical expertise and project financing options.

Starting with the customer’s energy savings objectives, Xcel Energy conducts an energy evaluation to analyze the current state of the customer’s energy usage and systems. The company then utilizes insights from that study to identify and prioritize the best opportunities to help customers save money and achieve their energy goals. Uniquely, Empower Facilities will take these recommendations further and work with the customer to develop projects and provide a proposal for turnkey installation based on the customer’s preferences in technologies and trade partners.

Upon customer agreement, experienced Xcel Energy project teams then install, maintain and continuously improve the system throughout the contract period, proactively evaluating new opportunities to further reduce energy costs and business interruption. Empower Facilities supports a wide variety of energy saving technologies, such as HVAC, lighting, building controls, smart thermostats, fans, mechanical, energy storage, electric vehicles charging stations, onsite generation/gensets and more, thereby enabling a comprehensive project to significantly lower energy bills.

Financing options include cash, lease, loan or technology subscription (also known as energy-as-a-service) to best fit the customer’s needs. The technology subscription option eliminates the need for up-front capital and provides predictable, fixed-monthly payments during a contract period, typically seven to 10 years long.

Empower Facilities is available for all Xcel Energy commercial and industrial customers. Sign up for upcoming webinars detailing the product on March 8, March 29 and April 19 at https://xcelenergyrsvp.com/empowerfacilitieswebinar. To learn more, please visit XcelEnergy.com/EmpowerFacilities or call us at 855-839-8862.

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