Taageerida Loolanka Fikradaha Weyn ee 2019

Kobaca Mankato Weyn waxay ku faanaysaa inaynu ku dhawaaqno taageeradayada Caqabadda Fikradaha Waaweyn ee 2019 ee Jaamacadda Gobolka Minnesota, Mankato. Ku guuleystayaasha kaalmaha Koowaad, Labaad iyo Saddexaad waxay heli doonaan xubinnimada Kobaca Mankato Weyn ee 2019-ka.

As a member of Greater Mankato Growth, these young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join more than 1,000 other businesses and connections. We are thrilled to have them be part of our network and connecting them to the unlimited resources our members have to offer.

Greater Mankato Growth offers targeted benefits, valuable resources and unparalleled support that will help these businesses gain a competitive advantage.

We are lucky to have the Big Ideas Challenge award recipients part of our organization and we look forward to continuing to support their business startups.

Check back again after April 15 for the BIG announcement!