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More Mankato Website: An Immersive Visual Experience

Over the past several months Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. has been developing a virtual tour website that aims to showcase, for potential residents and tourists, the unique amenities and quality of life we enjoy here. The More Mankato website (working project title: “Kato X”), launched

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Horumarinta Ganacsiga
Join the Tour of Manufacturing

The South Central Tour of Manufacturing Partnership invites all manufacturing businesses from across South Central Minnesota to participate in the 2017 Tour of Manufacturing. This year we will be expanding the experience and hosting TWO days; Thursday, October 5 from 9 am — 3 pm (focusing

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Are You Too Busy for Business?

Ever heard the saying, “If you need something done, give it to a busy person.”? While that may work for errands, many business owners are finding they’re too busy for business anymore. Small business has changed a lot over the past decade and the demands

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Grow Your Content Through Re-purposing

In order to rank your business highly, Google expects quality content; quality as judged by your audience through shares and interaction. But creating good content takes time, time many business owners simply don’t have. Here are a few ideas on how you can use existing

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