Redesign and Launch of

So what should we do today?  Who has live music tonight?  Where can we take the kids to get them out of the house?

The website is being relaunched thanks to a community partnership and technical expertise from VoyageurWeb. The brand new site is going live next Monday, June 27.

New site has a more modern look and feel, as well as being more mobile-friendly.

There are good resources out there to get a pulse of what’s going on in our community but not all of them may have the searchable features the new website will have. Plus it will now be more mobile-friendly, coordinate with social media and it will be easier to enter events (big reasons for the relaunch of the site)!

The capacity, coordination and communication of stems from multiple aspects of the community-wide planning process: Envision 2020. The website was first created in 2009 after an Envision 2020 Livability discussion and the site received only minor updates until now. is possible through a partnership of VoyageurWeb, Booqo Mankato, Golaha Twin Rivers ee Fanka, the Mankato Free Press iyo Kobaca Mankato Weyn.

A citizen or organization who has an event that is open to the general public can submit it on If you have an account already and have entered events into the site before, pay attention:  July and August events have been entered on the new site.  Any events later than 9/1/2016 will need to be re-entered (sorry, we could not move them).

So put it on your calendar for next Monday (and tell a friend):  “check out on your phone” and plan the rest of your summer!