Temporary Employment Opportunities

Greater Mankato Growth, in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, has launched an inventory of available temporary employment opportunities.

The inventory is fed by an online form submitted by businesses. The inventory is intended to address critical industries that have/will be significantly impacted by COVID-19 and assist households in need of income. Examples of industries include:  healthcare, assisted living, grocery, gas station, and some manufacturing.

To view the inventory, click the link below. It includes:

  • Magaca Shirkadda
  • Warshadaha
  • Position Title or Job Category
  • Number of Openings for each job
  • Job Description
  • Experience
  • Pay Range
  • Link to job post
  • Preferred Contact method

Temporary Employment Opportunities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15n_oqGFiKLs2NPWxoaKqdttUST1BKA8Whh7Rg-eZXSg/edit?usp=sharing