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We are honored to announce…

January is full of fresh starts, resolutions, new energy and motivation. For us at Greater Mankato Growth, the month is filled with work on new membership items, from ordering and mailings new clings and plaques to display at your business to changing and updating website information and

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Horumarinta Ganacsiga
Test your knowledge of the Downtown

Downtown, or the City Center, is 1.7 square mile area in the heart of Greater Mankato. It includes the Belgrade commercial corridor in Lower North Mankato and spans multiple blocks along either side of Riverfront Drive from Madison Avenue to CHS in Mankato. It includes

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Greater Mankato News Digest

Toddobaad kasta oo kale waxaanu wadaagi doonaa wararka ugu muhiimsan iyo ciwaannada Kobaca Mankato ee Weyn iyo sidoo kale dib u koobista muuqaalka warka Xubinta oo hadda bilaabmay Janaayo 2016.

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Filling the jobs gap

We’re all are facing a talent shortage now or will be in the very near future. And we’re all looking for answers.  An article published by Enterprise Minnesota focused on what innovative strategies manufacturers can undertake to address this need but frankly the solutions offered

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Matters of Freight

How can we leverage our defining strengths as a state to ensure we can meet tomorrow’s freight and logistics challenges?  Hear about this and be a part of the conversation by attending the 18th Annual Freight and Logistics Symposium, on Friday, December 4th.  This breakfast meeting

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