Welcome to Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.

Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is comprised of four business units; Greater Mankato Growth, the regional chamber of commerce and economic development organization; Visit Mankato, the local destination management organization; City Center Partnership, a downtown development organization; and GreenSeam, which utilizes agriculture to build on the region’s extensive agribusiness assets to develop the ag economy.

Mission Statement
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. exists to support and promote the economic growth and vitality of our members and the regional marketplace.

Core Values
The needs of the members are best met by growing the regional marketplace. We accomplish this by being:

Initiating action for economic growth beneficial to our members and congruent with our regional desire and culture.

Using our resources efficiently and effectively and wisely leveraging our strengths.

Collaborative & Inclusive
Cultivating and sustaining relationships, while encouraging the mobilization of our marketplace assets to enhance growth.

Being visible and accessible and creating a friendly, vibrant, and respectful environment.

Embracing change and promoting progressive solutions.

Communicating openly and honestly and taking responsibility for our actions in all our business practices.

Strategic Direction and Focus
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting, and serving as a catalyst for economic development through: business growth and development; talent growth, retention and attraction; regional livability; and advocacy of the marketplace. 

The Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Business Units: