Target Industries

Times more likely to work in soybean processing
Times more likely to work in generator manufacturing
Times more likely to work in circuit board manufacturing
While it may not look like Ag, many of Dotson Iron Casting’s products are used by the ag sector.


Greater Mankato is the heart of the GreenSeam, a 28-county region in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa that is the most productive ag-dependent regions in the country. To Greater Mankato, ag means much more than farming. An entire production line supports and depends on the agricultural economy. Greater Mankato Growth has made agriculture a focus and in 2016 helped found an organization, named for the region, called GreenSeam, which conducts ag focused economic development, advocacy, and talent development.

Agriculture is our primary target industry as it bleeds into all other target industries. Mankato is a world leader in soybean processing with more soybeans processed in Mankato than in any other community in the nation. Greater Mankato’s manufacturing, food processing, transportation, distribution, finance, and insurance industries all grow through the success of our ag economy.

  • CHS
  • Ardent Mills
  • Alltech/Hubbard
  • Dotson Iron Castings
  • Herdstar
  • MicroTrak Systems
  • Crown Cork & Seal
  • Jack Links
  • Ameristar Mfg
  • All American Foods
  • Pneumat Systems
  • Compeer Financial
  • Kato Cable
  • Angie’s BOOMCHICKPOP/Conagra
  • Walmart Distribution Center
  • Hinniker
  • Big Gain
  • Poet Biorefinery
  • Mankato Brewery
  • ZF Micro
  • Wis-Pak
  • Kaye Corporation
  • G&S Manufacturing
  • Janesville Elevator
  • Grain Millers
  • Jarraff Industries
  • Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions
  • Syngenta
  • Protein Sources
  • Guardian Energy

Electronic Manufacturing

A strong electronic manufacturing cluster has developed in the region with multiple SMT manufacturers producing circuit boards that get used in the medical manufacturing and defense sectors. Workers in Greater Mankato are 20 times more likely to work in circuit board manufacturing than workers in other areas of the country.

  • Herdstar
  • MicroTrak Systems
  • EI Microcircuits
  • Nortech Systems
  • V-TEK
  • MTU/Rolls-Royce
  • Kato Cable
  • Thin Film Technology
  • NexGen RF Design
  • NIDEC Kato-Engineering
  • BlueStar Power Systems
  • Creation Technologies

Printing & Media

As the region’s largest employer, Taylor Corporation is a driver of the printing and media industry in the region. North Mankato is host to the headquarters of the multi-national company and multiple of its business units. The region also hosts multiple packaging solution providers. In conjunction with its strong printing sector, the region is also host to the headquarters and distribution centers of multiple book publishers.

  • Taylor Corporation
  • The Occasions Group
  • Travel Tags/CFS
  • Corporate Graphics
  • Folderworks
  • Labelworks
  • Precision Press
  • Thayer Publishing
  • Pear Tree Greetings
  • Capstone Publishing
  • The Creative Companies
  • Abdo Publishing
  • Mankato Packaging
  • Northwest Packaging

Generator Manufacturing

Greater Mankato’s generator manufacturing cluster powers everything from hospitals, to data centers, to US Navy ships. With three major power generation manufacturers, this industry has built a cluster of suppliers that serve the industry including metal manufacturing, cable harnesses, and powder coating.

  • NIDEC/Kato Engineering
  • MTU/Rolls-Royce
  • BlueStar Power Systems
  • Jones Metal
  • CAB Construction
  • Kato Cable
  • Pro Fabrication


Greater Mankato is located only 135 miles from the Headquarters of RTP, one of the world’s leading producers of thermoplastic pellets. Locally, most manufacturers specialize in blown film extrusion. Plastics manufacturing remains important throughout Southern Minnesota with companies engaged in many forms of plastic manufacturing.

  • Berry Global
  • Flexible Plastics
  • GC Distribution
  • Quality Extrusion


With two 4-lane, interstate quality highways, easy access to Interstates 90 and 35, and a central location in the United States, Greater Mankato is growing as a regional distribution hub.


Back Office Operations

Greater Mankato Businesses take advantage of the 25,000+ post-secondary students in the region. Our local colleges and universities graduate more four-year degreed students than can currently be absorbed by our local businesses, making our region a prime target for satellite operations. Businesses seeking to set up back-office operations can target offices in our growing number of Class-A towers or for the more budget conscious, can backfill office space as local businesses continually expand.
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Federated Mutual Insurance
  • Scholarship America

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