Greater Mankato Advocacy
What Is Advocacy? 

Greater Mankato Growth serves as the voice of the business community, working tirelessly to advocate for our members and raise the visibility of our regional marketplace among policymakers. We are one of the largest chambers of commerce in state of Minnesota, representing nearly 1,000 members. Our advocacy efforts are highly regarded throughout the state among lawmakers, business, nonprofits, and other industry trade groups. Advocacy and public policy are different than politics. Rather, we work on behalf of our members to influence legislation, regulations, and policies at all levels of government to help promote the vitality of our region. 

Importance for Members 
One of our strategic areas of focus is advocacy of the marketplace. We believe our advocacy work is critical for our members and is one of the best benefits of chamber membership. Our elected officials have the power to make decisions about critical issues impacting the success of our members and vitality of our regional marketplace. Greater Mankato Growth works to influence and create awareness among its members, the community, and elected officials about public policy matters affecting the Greater Mankato region. GMG ensures that members remain up-to-date on key public policy matters and are able to have input and impact on that policy. 

2024 Policy Priorities

Workforce Development

Employers need an adequate and highly skilled workforce in order to succeed. Investments in educating and training the next generation workforce are key to our future success. Flexibility should be maintained for employers to determine comprehensive benefits packages that meet the unique needs of their workplace without a one-size-fits-all approach. Reforms should be made to our federal immigration system so that employers can meet their workforce needs in a timely manner for both permanent and temporary workers.

Tax Competitiveness

High taxes and state government spending continue to be key concerns for businesses of all sizes in the greater Mankato region, especially small businesses. High tax rates stifle economic growth and limits Minnesota’s full economic potential. Work must be done at all levels of government to relieve this tax burden that deters entrepreneurship, business growth, workforce development, and capital investment.


Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare should not be dependent on where someone lives. Greater Minnesota residents face additional barriers and increased costs that impact their health outcomes. Minnesota should work to reduce barriers, increase cost and reimbursement transparency, encourage competition, support increased access to telehealth, and maintain stability in the individual marketplace through reinsurance.


“Childcare is the business that lets other businesses be in business.” Access to affordable childcare is a major barrier to filling our economy’s workforce needs. Families throughout Minnesota rely heavily on childcare as a key factor to participating in the workplace. Investments are urgently needed to increase the number of available slots, promote childcare as a sustainable business, remove barriers for new providers, update regulations, and ensure a high-level of safety and accountability.


Excessive regulation constrains economic growth of our state. We support reforms to streamline inefficient regulations and the adoption of the least restrictive regulations necessary to keep workers, consumers, and our environment safe and healthy. Minnesota businesses should have the freedom to meet with unique needs of their workplace to address changing economic conditions.

Capital Investments

Investments in our critical infrastructure and community amenities are critical to the economic vitality of the greater Mankato region.                                                                    

Supported Capital Investment Projects

  • City of North Mankato – Caswell Regional Sporting Complex Phase 2: $12,750,000
  • City of Mankato – Riverfront Park: $1,800,000
  • City of Eagle Lake – Water Treatment: $14,153,000
  • City of Lake Crystal – Recreation Center: $750,000
  • City of St. Peter – Gorman Park: $1,200,000
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato – Armstrong Hall: $86,255,000
  • South Central College – Instructional Lab: $6,189,000
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities HEAPR
  • Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota: $12,500,000
  • Minnesota River Trail (Mankato to St. Peter): $5,700,000
GreenSeam: $600,000

GreenSeam works to elevate our region in southern Minnesota as the world-class food and agribusiness epicenter with focus areas of business retention and attraction, talent development, and regional awareness. The Minnesota Legislature should continue to financially support GreenSeam. Continued support and awareness of GreenSeam will celebrate the agricultural tradition of Minnesota and position us for success long into the future.  


We support the continued investment in critical transportation projects that drive the economic prosperity and cultural enrichment throughout greater Minnesota region, including key arteries like Highway 169 and Highway 14. Additional sources of sustainable and equitable transportation funding should be considered within the context of current tax environment. Any investments in EV infrastructure should include public-private partnerships throughout Greater Minnesota.

Economic Development

We support incentives and other economic development programs offered through the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and other agencies that are an important set of tools to help communities in greater Minnesota grow and thrive. 

Common Ground

The success of our state relies on community and political leaders coming together to find common ground on issues that impact the daily lives of residents and businesses. When partisanship gets in the way of progress, everybody loses. We encourage public officials at all levels to work to overcome partisanship in order to pass effective legislation.

Partner Organizations
  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Federation
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Highway 14 Partnership
  • Highway 169 Corridor Coalition
  • Greater Minnesota Partnership
  • AgriGrowth
  • Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition
  • Minnesota Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus 

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