2023 Legislative Voting Record

As part of the advocacy efforts of Greater Mankato Growth, we partner with a number of organizations that advocate on issues that impact our members and the Greater Mankato marketplace. One of those organizations is the Minnesota Chamber Federation. Led by the Minnesota State Chamber of Commerce, this is a collection of more than 50 chambers of commerce from across the state, that use a state-wide voice to advocate for businesses at the Capitol.

The Minnesota Chamber is a great advocacy partner and has a team of government relations professionals dedicated to representing the employers who make Minnesota’s economy successful. As part of their efforts, they track hundreds of bills during each legislative session to ensure policymakers understand how their proposals impact Minnesota’s economy and the state’s ability to make Minnesota a more affordable place to live, work, and grow a business. The Minnesota Chamber scores votes on bills or amendments that illustrate this impact. Greater Mankato Growth does not score bills or specific legislators on their votes. This report below is a reference document for our members to better understand votes on specific bills that affect businesses in Minnesota and how legislators voted on those bills.

View the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce 2023 Legislative Voting Record here.

For any questions, please reach out to Andy Wilke, Executive Vice President of Greater Mankato Growth.