Health Care Forum

Forum-Series-Logo_SMJoin Greater Mankato Growth and your fellow colleagues for our July Public Affairs Forum Luncheon Health Care: What’s Going On And What It All Means.

Tuesday, July 18
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Mankato Clinic Administration Office
1400 Madison Avenue, Suite 324B

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In case you haven’t noticed (and how could you not?), health care is generating quite a bit of attention lately from policy makers. At the federal level, the U.S. House has already voted on an “Obamacare” repeal & replace bill and the Senate will likely be taking action within the next few weeks. Stateside, the Minnesota Legislature passed significant legislation this year to attempt to stabilize the individual market as well as provide small-businesses new insurance coverage options. All of this activity is generating considerable uncertainty and confusion for employers along with the entire health care system.

Luckily, GMG is here to help sort it out.

Janet Silversmith, Director of Health Policy for the Minnesota Medical Association will provide an update on the policy activity taking place at the federal and state levels and offer some clarity regarding the impact those actions will have on Minnesota both in terms of our health care providers and users.

In addition, the leaders of our local health care providers, Mayo Clinic Health System and Mankato Clinic, will offer thoughts from their perspective.

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I look forward to seeing you there.