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New & Expanding Businesses

Building and expansion activity continues to be strong in Greater Mankato. For details on these projects, download our report of business expansions in Greater Mankato. It provides a breakdown for the past four years and details by industry sector (Primary - manufacturing, distribution, processing; Professional Service - attorneys, accounting, consulting; Retail - restaurants, clothing, boutiques). It also provides data for Government & Education investments broken into investments for specific projects and infrastructure investments. 


Greater Mankato Business Pipeline 

The following charts and graphs illustrate business & development investments occurring between 2017 and 2021. Click here (PDF) to find the full consolidated report which gives a detailed listing of projects within this timeframe. Or, to view reports for individual years, you can find them for 2017 (PDF), 2018 (PDF)2019 (PDF)2020 (PDF), & 2021 (PDF).

Highlights from 2017-2021 Business Pipeline Consolidated Report:



Historical Investment:

Following the 2021 Pipeline Report, Greater Mankato's 10-year investment rose to $1.5 billion. Greater Mankato's 15-year investment in the City Center rose to $250 million.

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