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Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. along with hundreds of businesses and professionals rooted in agriculture from across the region have been working since 2013 to strategically build on and connect the region’s extensive agricultural business assets in order to develop and position this region to now be known nationally and internationally as thee place for talent, business, innovation and education in relation to agriculture. GreenSeam is made up of 28 counties in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. GreenSeam is an ag powerhouse!

The GreenSeam region boasts an extensive list of ag business concentration and industry dominance amounting to nearly 1,000 ag related businesses! It is a foundation of the GreenSeam economy. It is best put into perspective when you drive between communities in the early fall and see the activity in vast crop fields, specialty food facilities and livestock farms. The production of these agricultural raw materials spurs economic activity across a multitude of industries. Agriculture is a growth segment of the economy for a simple reason: world population growth multiplied by the increase in incomes worldwide equals greater demand for better diets.


“I can’t emphasize enough the meaning of this initiative. Having this cohesive force will no doubt accelerate the success of many businesses, but also translates into more jobs, innovation and development of a synergy that will define this region from now and into the future.” said Jim Marzolf, Chair of the GreenSeam Steering Committee and Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Board Member.


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