A New Year – A New Plan for MRCI

The following is a guest blog post from MRCI. MRCI welcomes 2021 with exciting new programming based in the community.

MRCI made the decision to move its employment and life enrichment programs entirely to the community. It was originally a five-year plan but COVID pushed up the timeline.

To make the plan happen MRCI has closed buildings in Chaska, Shakopee, Rosemount, Fairmont and New Ulm, and consolidated two buildings into one for its Mankato headquarters. The concept has been discussed for several years, but COVID-19 nudged the organization to move from concept to reality. The change impacts about 1,400 program participants.

The move to community-based programming takes a lot of partnerships and community support.

As an employment-first organization, MRCI is proud of the many individuals that served as essentials workers during the pandemic and the numerous others who are now showcasing their talents as new hires across our communities.   Additionally, MRCI is grateful for the willingness of employers that utilized MRCI in the past to hire our clients onto their staff directly.

There are numerous benefits of hiring an individual supported by MRCI and opportunities are still available for employment partnerships. 

Beyond preparing individuals for employment opportunities, MRCI is also launching new personal development initiatives for individuals through its day services program.  Programming experiences will be in small groups in the community, based on interests of the participants in the group.  The group will volunteer for the community and work with volunteers from the community to develop a personal network, acquires skills and develop their talents.

Volunteers will also be key to our new day service programming. If you have a talent you want to share for an hour or more, call us!   Volunteers are needed virtually and in-person on a wide range of topics ranging from wellness to cooking, fishing, finance and more.  You name the topic we probably have a group of individuals who are interested in learning about your hobby or career.

MRCI is one of the first providers in the industry to implement the exclusive community-based day service model.  With the change in exciting programming, staff is taking the time to reach out to families and case managers to communicate the wide menu of services for each participant.

For more information on this new model of programming, to get involved or to contribute to the inclusive mission of MRCI, please call 507-386-5600.