Does Your Business have a Shared Vision?

Over the last several months, businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 in many ways. Some industries have been impacted more severely than others. Across the board, businesses have had to act and adjust like never before. Joe Paulsen with Pinnacle Business Traction would like to help you with ensuring that your company has the Traction it needs to overcome current and future challenges. The following is part two of a guest blog series where Joe will share tips on how you can gain traction in difficult times.  

Do you know what your organization will look like on 12/31/2021?  How about 12/31/2023?  How about at the end of 2030?  Is your vision clear to you and is it clear to all of your employees?  Just imagine if every one of your employees could vividly see your vision and are rowing just as hard as you are to get there.  How easy would your organization run and how confident would you be in achieving the results that are expected?   The Vision Key Component clarifies that question for you and everyone in your organization.  You and the rest of your leadership team currently all have a vision for your business, but there are likely differences.  We need to consolidate your individual visions to come up with the organization’s collective vision.  Once you have a vision of where the organization is heading, it makes the planning process much easier.  There are eight questions that need to be answered and agreed upon by your leadership team to have a great vision and plan:

What are your Core Values?

What is your Core Focus?

What is your 10-Year Target?

What is your Marketing Strategy?

What is your 3-Year Picture?

What is your 1-Year Plan?

What are your 90 Day Rocks (objectives)?

What are all other Issues for your organization?

Now that your vision and plan is written and agreed upon, we need to make sure that it is shared by everyone in your organization.  It will be critical that everyone can see where you are going and that they want to be a part of that journey.  We will talk more about this next week when we introduce you to the People Key Component.


Joe Paulsen and Pinnacle Business Traction’s passion is to Enrich the Lives of Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in the Mankato area.  He has been implementing EOS since 2016 and has helped entrepreneurial organizations get everything they want from their organizations.  Please reach out to him if you are wanting more information or assistance:  [email protected] (Meet Joe)

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