Reopening & Recovery

Governor Walz and Minnesota leaders both in and outside of government are contemplating how to implement a return to work plan that will strike a balance between safeguarding health and protecting Minnesota’s economy. As they do so, they are looking for feedback from Minnesota’s businesses.

  • The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has launched a survey for businesses to suggest best practices for how to implement social distancing in the workplace that will enable them to reopen in a safe manner.
  • The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has published a draft template that articulates specific policies and procedures that businesses could adopt as they look to reopen safely. The template covers topics such as hygiene, cleaning, social distancing policies, screening and identification of sick employees, and communications and training plans. They are looking for feedback on this template at [email protected]. It seems likely that the state’s reopening plan would encourage (if not require) businesses to adopt a similar comprehensive plan for their business – so it is strongly encouraged that business leaders review this template carefully and be in a position to implement policies applicable to their workplace.
  • The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has also published a COVID-19 Prevention Best Practices Guide that businesses could implement in their workplace. They are also holding a webinar on best practices for businesses as they contemplate a return to work.

Minnesota’s return to work will likely come in phases and require employers to adopt best practices to ensure business operations can return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing employees’ or customer safety. Greater Mankato Growth will continue our ongoing efforts to be a go-to source for timely and accurate information as well as resources to support our members. In addition, we are also actively contemplating how we can best support our businesses in getting back on their feet and restoring patronage of their business. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our staff members with your suggestions on how we could best provide support as we recover together.