The Fastest Growing Cities in MN

The Census Bureau released their 2015 population statistics for Minnesota cities. From 2014 to 2015, of the 852 Incorporated Jurisdictions (cities) in Minnesota, 316 had positive population growth, 152 stayed the same, and 384 lost population.

Cities in the Greater Mankato region fared well. The table below summarizes the growth rate over the last year, as well as look back over the last 5 years (back to 2010).

Eagle Lake is the 2nd fastest growing city in the state, with a population growth rate of 5.5% over the last year.  It trailed only the City of Orr (population of 335) who had a growth rate of 10.6%.

Jurisdiction20102014201514-15 % growth14-15 increase14-15 State Rank10-15 % growth
Eagle Lake2,4252,6932,8415.50%148217.15%
Madison Lake1,0171,0641,0942.82%30227.57%
North Mankato13,41013,48013,5290.36%492320.89%
St. Peter11,19711,65711,6660.08%93064.19%
Lake Crystal2,5502,5332,527-0.24%-6526-0.90%
Le Sueur4,0544,0203,999-0.52%-21619-1.36%

The City of Mankato is the 22nd largest city in the state and gained 207 people from 2014 to 2015.

Saint Peter ranks 42nd out of 97 when looking at cities in the state that have a population larger than 10,000 over the last 5 years (2010-2015).  In fact, when looking outside the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro, Saint Peter ranks 6th in terms of growth in Greater Minnesota (of cities larger than 10k in population).