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Greater Mankato Growth works tirelessly to both advocate for the marketplace and raise the visibility of our region amoung policy-makers. Here you will find information on a series of policy issues that are of interest to greater Mankato Growth's members and our regional marketplace and learn how you can become engaged on issues critical to your business.


Our regional transportation network is a vital economic lifeline that countless businesses and individuals rely on for the movement of goods, as well as themselves and their families. As businesses make significant investments and our region continues to grow and become an even bigger contributor to the state’s economy, we expect our public partners to do their share and make the necessary investments in infrastructure. That's why Greater Mankato Growth strongly supports the expansion of Highway 14 to four lanes from New Ulm to Rochester. Highway 14 must be a top state priority to ensure that adequate infrastructure exists in Southern Minnesota to enable future economic opportunities and improve safety along the corridor.


June 24, 2014 letter - Highway 14
Joint letter from six chambers of commerce along the Highway 14 corridor requesting that the Minnesota Department of Transportation utilize Corridors of Commerce funds to purchase right of way for the remaining Highway 14 segments. Press release

October 15, 2013 letter - Highway 14
Letter on behalf of Greater Mankato Growth recommending the Highway 14 projects needed to complete a consistent four-lane corridor from Rochester to New Ulm for Corridors of Commerce program funding.  

July 31, 2013 letter - Highway 14
Letter on behalf of Greater Mankato Growth providing comments to the Minnesota Department of Transportation regarding their draft Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan respectfully requesting that the state prioritize completion of the four lane expansion of U.S. Highway 14 from Owatonna to Dodge Center and North Mankato to New Ulm.

February 8, 2013 letter - Highway 14
Letter on behalf of Greater Mankato Growth to Governor Dayton and Commissioner Zelle respectfully requesting the inclusion of the four lane expansion of U.S. Highway 14 from Owatonna to Dodge Center and North Mankato to New Ulm in the 20 year State Highway Investment Plan currently under review.



To advance a key community priority, Greater Mankato Growth testified on several occasions before the Legislature to request that they prioritize completion of the four lane expansion of Highway 14 . 

February 27, 2013 testimony - Highway 14
Jonathan Zierdt, President & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth testified before the House Transportation Finance Committee.
February 20, 2013 testimony - Highway 14
Patrick Baker, Director of Government and Institutional Affairs for Greater Mankato Growth testified before the House Transportation Policy Committee.
February 13, 2013 testimony - Highway 14
Jonathan Zierdt, President & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth testified before the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee.


Pictured L to R:  front- Noreen Otto (State Government Relations Director, Hy-Vee, Inc.), Sen. Jensen, Katie Nelson (Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism), Amanda Duerr (U.S. Highway 14 Partnership); back-Jonathan Zierdt (President/CEO, Greater Mankato Growth), Aaron Lambrecht (VP/COO, Shelter Products, Inc), Roy Srp (Mayor, City of Waseca), Les Abraham (Owatonna City Council/U.S. Highway 14 Partnership President)





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The organizations below may provide you with an opportunity to earn more or get involved various transportation initiatives.
U.S. Highway 14 Partnership

The Highway 14 Partnership is an advocacy organization supporting the four-lane expansion of Highway 14, from Rochester to New Ulm. Formed in 1998, the Highway 14 Partnership includes governments, private businesses and other organizations across Southern Minnesota. more 

U.S. Highway 169 Corridor Coalition

The U.S. Highway 169 Corridor Coalition was established to bring attention to the needs of the corridor. The mission of the Coalition is to work together to enhance safety, reduce congestion and maximize economic development along the U.S. Highway 169 interregional corridor. more 

Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning OrganizationMankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO)

The Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO) was established in 2012 and is responsible for maintaining and continuing, cooperativeand comprehensive metropolitan transportation planning process, including the region's long-range 2045 transportation plan. more 

Greater Mankato Bike/Walk Advocates

The Greater Mankato Bike/Walk Advocates was formed to advocate, educate and encourage people to use their bicycles and walk to improve their health, reduce congestion and pollutions, and make Greater Mankato a better, livable community. more

Get Involved In State and Local Government

Greater Mankato Growth would like to encourage the business community to serve as a voice for your business, industry and marketplace by applying to serve on a state or local board, council, commission, task force or agency. Serving at a state and local level can give you the chance to shape the future in areas and fields where you have passion and experience. Let's work together to ensure Greater Mankato businesses continues to be represented in state and local government.

State Involvement

The Minnesota Secretary of State acts as a clearinghouse for public openings on state agencies. The Secretary of State announces vacancies to the public, refers applications to those who make the appointments, and maintains records of the memberships on the various state boards and councils. The Secretary of State publishes a monthly announcement of vacancies. Besides the vacancies, it lists the qualifications for membership, the functions and duties of the agencies, and the application deadlines. Click here to learn more about serving on a state board or commission.

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