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Greater Mankato Growth works tirelessly to both advocate for the marketplace and raise the visibility of our region among policy-makers. Here you will find information on a series of policy issues that are of interest to greater Mankato Growth's members and our regional marketplace and learn how you can become engaged on issues critical to your business.


Policy Priorities

Greater Mankato Growth monitors and advocates on a series of policy priorities that are of interest to our members and regional markeplace. These policy priorities were derived from a thorough vetting process, including surveying of members, consideration and discussion by the organization's Public Affairs Steering Committee, and ultimately, approval by the Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Board of Directors. These policies focus on key issues that will support the continued growth and vitality of the Greater Mankato area such as business climate, economic and community development, education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Download the 2023 Policy Priorities here.

Get Involved In State and Local Government

Greater Mankato Growth would like to encourage the business community to serve as a voice for your business, industry and marketplace by applying to serve on a state or local board, council, commission, task force or agency. Serving at a state and local level can give you the chance to shape the future in areas and fields where you have passion and experience. Let's work together to ensure Greater Mankato businesses continues to be represented in state and local government.

State Involvement

The Minnesota Secretary of State acts as a clearinghouse for public openings on state agencies. The Secretary of State announces vacancies to the public, referes applications to those who make the appointments, and maintains records of the memberships on the various state boards and councils. The Secretary of State publishes a monthly annoucement of vacancies that you can view here.

Public Affairs Steering Committee

Our Public Affairs Volunteers provide leadership and expertise to guide and advance Greater Mankato Growth's public affairs initiatives. Volunteers are made up of diverse business and political backgrounds.

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