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Business Opportunities

We have received inquires from entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities and from business owners ready to sell.  To make it easy for these seekers and sellers to connect, we will list businesses for sale on our website as well as seeker information.  If you would like to list your business or if you are wanting to start a business in a particular industry, please contact John Considine at 507.385.6649.

Business Suggestions From our Community

Greater Mankato has a diverse and vibrant business base, but we want to know what businesses would add value to our marketplace? We want to hear from you! What businesses would make it even more desirable to live and work in Greater Mankato? This section of Business Opportunities is dedicated to your suggestions of businesses that would have a positive impact on our region (submissions confidential). Email suggestions to jconsidine@greatermankato.com. To view our existing key industries that exist today visit greatermankato.com/key-industries.

no current idea submissions

"I truly believe that Mankato has a severe lack of places where people can go at night without having to drink.  If we had more opportunities like a comedy club, live music venues (that isn't focused on it being a bar), live plays, etc."

"I would like to see us bring in a store like Eddie Bauer to the River Hills Mall.  We have a lot of “teeny bopper” stores and not enough classic clothing stores for all ages and genders."

"I'm so glad you asked! Here is my two cents.  Every single professional woman I know leaves our community at least quarterly to shop in the cities. Our mall needs stores that cater to younger women (ages 28-48) for their clothes and business attire.  This impacts our economy because women have 80% of the household buying power...and then we shop elsewhere.  So when I am at another mall, I eat there, I might buy other items at stores nearby, etc.  I hate leaving the community to shop because local businesses support local organizations.  I try hard to buy everything local, even if it costs more. But when it comes to clothing (and even household items like at a store like Kirkland's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, etc.), there is just not a lot of choice in our town." 

Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant.  "I think Mankato could support that and it is very popular with the college kids as well as excellent seafood."

"I think that a SONIC or Church's Chicken would be desirable for the area.  I know my family would go to Sonic often. " 

"We need more recreational opportunities in Mankato.  There is a severe shortage of affordable gym space for kids sports/activities and they need other things to keep them busy and keep them out of trouble.  We travel to various communities such as Redwood Falls and Waseca to take our kids to waterparks. I think Mankato could easily support one of these types of facilities.  Any other activities such as go-kart racing, rock climbing, indoor bike/skateboard facility would also be great." 

"I want to second the Sonic idea. I drive to Ankeny, IA periodically just to eat at Sonic. The one in the cities (if it's still there) is not quite the same." -- (7-15-14)

"I am really surprised that we don't have more all-night hangouts, considering this is a college town. I come from Austin, TX and I am bored out of my mind here. Maybe an eclectic, trendy all night cafe with a coffee bar, updated diner-style menu, and of course WI-FI." -- (7-15-14)

 "More delivery restaurants, especially Chinese!" -- (7-15-14)

"Steakhouse" -- (7-15-14)

"Bed, Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things...basically more options for the home. " -- (7-15-14)


Our marketplace would benefit from a business offering summer kayak, canoe and bike rentals in the summer and snowshoe and cross country ski rentals in the winter. I envision this business as a place for the community and visitors to come, enjoy cocoa and sandwiches from a cafe and rent recreational equipment.  It would be great to offer packages to take customers upstream for day trips, 2-day trips, hourly, etc. similar to what they offer on the St. Croix River.

Primary Economy (manufacturing, technology, health care, etc.)
no current idea submissions

The businesses suggested above are provided by community members. Greater Mankato Growth cannot guarantee the success of suggested businesses.


Business Opportunitites for Sale

MODE Designer Fashion, Close-Out Prices Retail Franchise

MODE is a vibrant, fast re-acting, retail store with a unique concept and proven retail operation.  The MODE  concept appeals to consumers across a wide demographic in that it offers brand new discounted designer apparel in a high end retail environment.  MODE can deliver a fully operational franchise store at a very reasonable price, one that is much lower than others in the retail franchise category. For more information on opening your own MODE Retail Franchise or to receive an information packet contact Emmali, Franchise Liaison, at 701-478-5858. Learn more at www.shopmodestore.com

Baja Sol Restaurant Franchise

Baja Sol Restaurants Group has three types of franchise restaurants, plus they are adding a fourth restaurant concept.  They visited the Greater Mankato area in June 2009 to present their franchise opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please visit the Baja Sol website.

Maid-Rite Restaurant Franchise

Maid-Rite has been serving customers for over 83 years and were named one of the fastest growing restaurants chains in America by Restaurant Magazine in 2008.  Maid-Rite provides great tasting food at affordable prices in a friendly environment.   If you are interested in learning more about opening a Maid-Rite franchise in the Greater Mankato area, see the Maid-Rite fact sheet and informational packet.

Your Dream Franchise

Your Dream Franchise is a for profit business interested in matching you with the right franchise.  They offer free consultation to custom fit your skills, interests and financial capabilities to franchise opportunities.  Similar to recruiters, they are paid by the client company, not the people they help find the opportunities.  To learn more contact Greg Highberg, President at 952.236.0174.


Business Opportunity Seekers

If you are seeking business opportunities, please contact John Considine at 507.385.6649. To view additional business opportunities in MN through Hospitality Services Corporation visit hospitalityservicescorp.com

If you have business opportunities to post or if you are seeking opportunities, please contact John Considine at 507.385.6649.




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