13 Reasons to Move to Greater Mankato

There are a lot of fun things about the Greater Mankato area.  Everyone has their favorite activities to do with friends and family.   Maybe you’re a resident of our community or maybe there is something that regularly brings you to town.  Greater Mankato Growth is working on a Talent Initiative that focuses on how our community and recruit and retain residents in Greater Mankato.

Evidently, the GMG Talent Initiative has reached the elementary school level.  One day, my 5th-grade daughter was killing time in my office while I finished up some emails and created a poster that I decided to proudly hang on my office door.  “Write a reason to go to Mankato,” was the title.  It started as a Top Ten list, but there was extra room on the paper…so why limit it?  Periodically, someone would stop by and write a reason in one of the available spots.  Not exactly “scientific.”  But really, how could you be scientific on something so subjective?

So here they are, 13 reasons to come to Greater Mankato:

  1. We have a great Dog Park
  2. We have a beautiful downtown
  3. Our scenic river valley vistas
  4. City Art Sculpture Tour
  5. Shopping
  6. Great place to raise a family
  7. Kiwanis Holiday Lights
  8. Employment
  9. Taekwondo Lessons
  10. Awesome lakes in the area
  11. Vetter Stone Amphitheatre
  12. Sakatah Bike Trail
  13. Red Jacket Bike Trail

So what is your favorite thing in Greater Mankato?