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Leadership Institute

2022 - 2023 Program Overview

For 40 years, the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute has been the premier leadership development training program in Greater Mankato. This nine-month program consists of 1-2 full day sessions each month from September to May, usually on the third Wednesday of the month. One session also includes an overnight in St. Paul. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the leadership skills necessary to take your career and organization to the next level! 

This program benefits individuals who:

  • Are new to the community

  • Have recently been promoted or are being considered for a management level position

  • Would benefit from connecting with individuals that have many different backgrounds and levels of experience

  • Wish to further develop their leadership skills

  • Would like to become better informed about our community's businesses and nonprofit organizations

Tuition for the nine-month program is $2,449 for Greater Mankato Growth members (Engaged level or higher). All program costs are included, including materials and meals as well as a private hotel room during the session in St. Paul. Copper through Diamond level members also receive a $300-$700 discount on the program fee. Class size is limited to 40 participants.  

The application deadline for the 2022-23 program was June 22, 2022. To be added to our waiting list, complete and return an application and you will be contacted if there is an opening. 

2022 - 2023 Application (Printable PDF)

 2022 - 2023 Application (Fillable PDF)



Download Greater Mankato Leadership Institute Flyer



Current Class: 2022 - 2023


Sarah Adams, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union
George Alaniz, Mayo Clinic Health System
Jessica Anderson, Blue Earth County
Chad Berger, Navitor Specialty Products
Jen Besel, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Jessica Blais, APX Construction Group
Sam Boeck, ISG
Eric Boelter, Community Bank
Sam Brockshus, ISG
Anna Brown, City of North Mankato
Ben Buie, Crystal Valley Cooperative
Courtney Conroy, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Dustin Deutsch, Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic
Michael Donnay, Rice Companies
Laura Doyen, Birkholz Law
Jennifer Fleming, Orthopaedic + Fracture Clinic
Julie Freid, Capstone/Coughlan Companies
Chelsea Germo, BENCO Electric Cooperative
Willy Hanson, Eide Bailly
Jake Hogan, Dotson Iron Castings
Jake Jaeger, BankVista
Jonathan Janssen, Gislason & Hunter LLP
Britt Johnson, Schmidt Siding & Window
Virginia Jordan, Travel Tags/Card Fulfillment Services
Jill Koehler, First National Bank Minnesota
Taylor Kohn, Mankato Clinic
Jessica Kube, Mankato Clinic
Jes Linde, Morken Eckberg Steiner LLC
Julie Lux, MRCI
Sara Maslakow, Abdo
Jolene McLaughlin, Ripple Acupuncture and Wellness LLC
Jared Mueller, Knutson Construction
Jean Noren, Gustavus Adolphus College
Jenny Nundahl, Consolidated Communications
Brandon Plombon, Pioneer Bank
Cindy Rutherford, MEI
Megan Schwanz, Abdo
Caleb Watson, Mankato Area Public Schools
Jen Wunderlich, VINE Faith in Action
Brian Yingst, South Central College

About the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute

Since 1983 Greater Mankato Leadership Institute has provided the area's only comprehensive leadership training program with a community focus. This nine-month program consists of eleven day-long sessions September through May, including an overnight session in St. Paul. 

Click here for a Historical Overview of the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute.

Benefits for Participants

The Greater Mankato Leadership Institute offers unique advantages:

  • An exceptional learning environment allowing participants to practice leadership skills and apply them to their work and personal life
  • Instruction and guidance from community experts and professional facilitators
  • Opportunities to connect with business and community leaders
  • A well-rounded curriculum that focuses on personal, professional, and community leadership

Benefits for Employers

Enrolling key employees in the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute can benefit your business and organization in many ways:

  • Strengthened leadership abilities and insight
  • Increased satisfaction for employees looking to grow
  • Enhanced skills applicable to today's workplace
  • Exposure to the latest leadership development tools and information employees can bring back to the workplace


Charles Ingman Leadership Fund

This fund provides a partial scholarship for a Greater Mankato Leadership Institute applicant who has demonstrated community trusteeship by active involvement in the community, has assumed leadership roles, and Leadership Institute tuition would be a burden to the applicant's sponsoring organization. Tax-deductible contributions may be made by sending a check payable to the Mankato Area Foundation - Charles Ingman Fund to Greater Mankato Growth, 3 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 3. For more information contact Shannon Gullickson or submit an application (PDF).

Greater Nonprofit Engagement Fund

Greater Mankato Growth has partnered with Mayo Clinic Health System to offer Greater Mankato Growth’s Nonprofit Engagement Fund for membership, programs, and events. This partnership was established to ensure non-profit organizations and their staff can take advantage of the many benefits offered through Greater Mankato Growth.Mankato Growth Nonprofit Engagement Fund. To apply for a partial scholarship (50% is recommended) for Greater Mankato Leadership Institute, please email a one paragraph request indicating financial need to info@greatermankato.com. 


Hap Halligan Leadership Institute Alumni Award

The Hap Halligan Leadership Institute Alumni award is presented each fall at the Greater Mankato Business Awards & Hall of Fame to a graduate of Greater Mankato Leadership Institute. The purpose of the Hap Halligan Leadership Award is to recognize and honor an individual whose participation in the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute program has helped to provide an impetus for outstanding contributions to our community. Click here to see previous award recipients. Click here for a nomination form.

Session dates and topics for the 2022 - 2023 program: 

  • September 15 - 16: Opening Session & Ropes Challenge Course/Teambuilding Activities (September 23 rain date for ropes course)
  • October 12: Greater Mankato's History & Greater Mankato's Arts and Culture Scene 
  • November 9: What's My Emotional Intelligence?  What's My Leadership Style?
  • December 14: Serving Our Community 
  • January 11: Embracing Diversity
  • February 8: Effective Communication & The Importance of Agriculture in our Community
  • March 8-9: Effective Advocacy & Civic Engagement - Overnight in St. Paul 
  • April12: Effective Leadership:  Essential Ingredients
  • May 10: Identifying Your Goals & Priorities  (Final Session & Graduation Celebration)
**Note: Typically, each session begins at 8:30 am and runs until 4:30 pm. Also, accommodations can be made for those with physical disabilities or those not comfortable with the high ropes course activities.


“The Leadership Institute has given me a broad range of new skills and knowledge to grow and thrive in the Greater Mankato community. Not only have I received valuable leadership, conflict resolution, and management skills, but I’ve also grown a network of fantastic professional and personal connections. There was so much to be learned from both the presenters and my classmates, and the opportunity to discuss and apply the content in class was very helpful. I would highly recommend the program!”

- Macy Anderson, Blethen Berens

“The Leadership Institute has been an amazing experience! Leadership to me is having the ability to guide a team by motivating and inspiring them to get them where they need to be. The program has given me the tools I need to continue to better myself as a leader. I have so much appreciation for our community and all the opportunities that were provided throughout the program. The relationships built with my classmates throughout this experience I will carry on for a lifetime!”

- Crystal Hoffrogge, Community Bank Mankato

“With a passion for people, the Leadership Institute supported me with a platform to align myself with other like-minded professionals. I am thankful for the relationships created and the lifelong connections I gained by participating in the program. There were certainly many layers of value from the class, but the relationships will last forever.”

- Jamie Jacobs, APX Construction Group

“The Leadership Institute has given me the opportunity to make genuine connections with other members of our community. Each session gave me tools to improve as an employee, a member of the community, and as a person. This has been a valuable experience I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to develop professionally and personally.”

- Rebecca Bieck, MRCI




Over 1000 Alumni!

Over 1000 people have attended Greater Mankato Leadership Instute since 1983. If you're a graduate of the program and would like to make sure we have your current contact information, please contact Greater Mankato Growth.


2021 - 2022

Macy Anderson, Blethen Berens
Derek Barlage, Abdo, Eick & Meyers
Rebecca Bieck, MRCI
Blake Bode, Eide Bailly
Skyler Carlson, Greater Mankato Growth
Natalia Dann, Blue Earth County
Jason Fisher, Mankato Clinic
Abby Flantz, South Central Service Workforce Council
Amanda Frie, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Jennifer Gish, Gislason & Hunter, LLP
Brody Hala, Mayo Clinic Health System
Krista Helgeson, Dotson Iron Castings
Jeff Hendricks, Crystal Valley Cooperative
Jamie Hesse, United Prairie Bank
Crystal Hoffrogge, Community Bank Mankato
Jamie Jacobs, APX Construction
Brittany Junck, Greater Mankato Growth/Visit Mankato
Holly Kaduce, Blue Earth County
Hannah Keltgen, South Central Service Cooperative
Jill Kinas, Harry Meyering Center
Beth Kozitza, LEEP
Judy Kroll, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union
Matt Lassonde, City of North Mankato
John Marsolek, Blue Earth County Community Corrections
Adam Massmann, VINE Faith in Action
Greg McDonald, Rolls-Royce Solutions America, Inc.
Joshua McNamara, Taylor Corporation
Marshall Miller, Abdo, Eick & Meyers
Andrew Monson, AmeriStar Manufacturing
Jordan Nickels, BENCO Electric Cooperative
April Oachs, Mankato Clinic
Lindsey Owens, Gustavus Adolphus College
Josh Pederson, Bethany Lutheran College
Kyle Renneke, ISG
Claire Richie, Taylor Corporation
Mitchel Rohlfing, APX Construction
Dustin Sauter, Pratt Wealth Management
Jody Wills, Taylor Corporation
Heidi Zachow, Mankato Clinic
Nate Zender, First National Bank Minnesota

2020 - 2021



Pioneer Bank



Knutson Construction



Gislason & Hunter LLP



Dotson Iron Castings



City of North Mankato



Consolidated Communications



United Prairie Bank



Gustavus Adolphus College



Feeding Our Communities Partners



Mayo Clinic Health System



Blethen Berens



MinnStar Bank N.A.



Harry Meyering Center



Navitor Specialty Products






First National Bank MN



Greater Mankato Growth



Bethany Lutheran College



Greater Mankato Growth



South Central Service Cooperative


2019 - 2020

2019 -2020

JJ Akin, Gustavus Adolphus College

Abby Bastian, Brown & Brown Insurance of MN

Ian Bjorgum, Ardent Mills

Tim Braulick, BENCO Electric

Rick Brennhofer, Kato Engineering, Inc.

DeAnna Burt, South Central College

Sara Carrigan, South Central WorkForce Council

Joel Chindvall, Harry Meyering Center

Jenna Christensen, Eide Bailly

Molly Fritz, Jones Metal Inc.

Ben Gossett, First National Bank MN

Murphy Grotewold, Carlson Tillisch Eye Clinic

David Gullixson, Pioneer Bank

Karri Harvey, Blue Earth County

Sean Hayes, City of Mankato

Laura Jans, Abdo, Eick & Meyers LLP

Lisa Jasperson, Blethen Berens

Ben Jensen, Dotson Iron Castings

Lance Jeppson, Pioneer Bank

Brandon Knish, Profinium, Inc.

Nick Kreinbring, Kato Engineering, Inc.

Jeff Lang, Radio Mankato

Tricia Lewis, Mankato Area Foundation

Nicholas Mack, Courtyard by Marriott

Heather MartiRock, Consolidated Communications

Crystal Olson, Visit Mankato

Meghan Peterson, Taylor Digital

Sara Rienhardt, Mankato Clinic

Rhett Schwichtenberg, Gislason & Hunter

Linda Smith Sturge, Walmart DC

Todd Stromswold, U.S. Bank

Darcy Stueber, Mankato Area Public Schools

Renee Tatge, Bethany Lutheran College

Heidi Thompson, Capstone

Mike Thompson, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Laura Thompson, United Prairie Bank

Roxie Timmerman, Mayo Clinic Health System

AprilVan Genderen, City of North Mankato

Clint Westphal, MEI

Jolene Wilson, The Occasions Group

Antonia Yenser, Minnesota State University, Mankato

2015 - 2019


Aracely Alba Martin, BankVista

Hailey Becker, Agri-Business Insurance Services (ABIS)

Megan Berglund, Gustavus Adolphus College

Jay Buboltz, First National Bank MN

Jason Edstrom, MTU On-Site Energy

Sarah Goettl, The Occasions Group

Eric Hampton, Walmart DC

Michelle Hankins, Compeer Financial

Scott Hare, Mankato Area Public Schools

Bill Henk, Consolidated Communications

Seth Hoscheit, ISD77 Community Education & Recreation (MAPS)

Nate Host, City of North Mankato

Adam Huber, Ardent Mills

Eric Iverson, Maschka, Riedy, Ries & Frentz Law Firm

Susan Jameson, South Central College

Christopher Kamath, Gislason & Hunter, LLP

Brianna Kerry, Capstone

Carrie Kijenski, Visit Mankato

Travis Kittleson, Kato Engineering Inc.

Kurt Klinder, City of Mankato

Brian Kottke, Mayo Clinic Health System

Jesse Kwasniewski, Ardent Mills

Krista Lapic, Kato Engineering Inc.

JessicaMiller, South Central Workforce Council (MN DEED)

JordanMoen, Mayo Clinic Health System

Michael Much, Mankato Clinic

Anne Mueller, MRCI

Jacob Ouradnik, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Nick Rehder, MEI 

Steven Romnes, MEI 

Christie Satre, Consolidated Communications

Marissa Sheely, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Jacob Sherlock, Blethen, Gage & Krause, PLLP

Barbara Sherman, MTU On-Site Energy

Emily Sieberg, United Prairie Bank

Michael Slotemaker, South Central College

Megan Smith, MN Valley Federal Credit Union

Heidi Suess, Blue Earth County

Jason Urban, Jordan Sands

Estelle Vlieger, Bethany Lutheran College

Meigan Westermann, The Occasions Group

Tonya Weston, Mankato Clinic

Lisa Witte, United Prairie Bank

Calla Wolfe, MEI


2017 - 2018

Katie Adelman, Visit Mankato

Joe Bach, MEI

Bob Beadell, Community Bank

Jessica Bergeleen, Oleson + Hobbie Architects

Adam Bleck, Mayo Clinic Health System

Kurt Brauman, Walmart Distribution Center 

Danielle Ceminsky, Coughlan Companies

Jeff Dahline, Mankato Area Public Schools

Leah Davis, AEM Workforce Solutions

Tyler Deike, Kato Engineering

Lesa Drysdale, ISG

Darcy Enter, Carlson Craft

Joann Ericksen, Minnesota Valley FCU

Abby Frantsen, MRCI 

Dave Grosland, MEI

Jeff Hanson, MTU Onsite Energy

Ashley Hawkins, Schwickert’s

Eric Hudspith, Mankato Area Public Schools

Josh Jaycox, Dotson Iron Castings

Tonya Johnson, Fine Impressions

Christine Johnson, Mayo Clinic Health System

Tammy Knudtson, Blethen Gage & Krause

Erin Kragh, YWCA Mankato

Arlene Kreutzer, House of Hope, Inc.

Kara Long, Consolidated Communications

Kevin McCann, City of North Mankato

Danielle Mehia, Wealth Enhancement Group

Cody Meschke, ISG

Justin Montemurno, Kato Engineering 

Coralyn Musser, MEI

Josh Naumann, Consolidated Communications

Alyssa Nelson, Blethen Gage & Krause 

Bridget Norland, Greater Mankato Growth

Debra Salmon, South Central College

Danica Schmidt, Compeer Financial

Tony Smith, Navitor Specialty Products

Devon Soule, Eide Bailly

Ashley Sprenger, AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center

Rachel Tanquist, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Jen Theneman, Partners for Affordable Housing

Greg Vandermause, Bethany Lutheran College

Molly Westman, City of Mankato

Marti Wolter, Mankato Clinic

Karen Young, South Central College

Dean Zimmerli, Gislason & Hunter



Aaron Bartelt, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Tricia Bleck, City of Mankato

Lloyd Buckman, Kato Engineering

Molly David, First National Bank Minnesota

Danielle Duffey, Visit Mankato

Ashley Eimer, Rasmussen College

Megan Gunderson, Snell Motors

Brian Haley, Eide Bailly

Nathan Hanel, Capstone

Colleen Holicky, Jack Link's 

Danielle Johansen, MTU Onsite Energy

Jessica Kolde, Angie's Popcorn

Brittany King-Asamoa, Gislason & Hunter

Ashley Lefeber, Jack Link's 

Kimberly Literovich, Blethen, Gage & Krause PLLP

Shannon Messer, Walmart Distribution Center

Kory Meyers, Kato Engineering

Doug Monson, Minnesota Soybean

Heather Mueller, Mankato Area Public Schools

Amanda Neidecker, Coloplast

Scott Nelsen, MinnStar Bank, N.A.

Brian Nelson, BankVista

Scott Nelson, Mankato Clinic

Bryan Petzel, ISG

Melanie Runge, Mankato Clinic

Stefanie Sanow, Courtyard by Marriott

Brad Schonborn, Oleson + Hobbie Architects

Judy Shultz, South Central College

Alex Spencer, Pantheon Computers

Travis Stewart, Agri-business Insurance Services

Nathan Tish, Nicollet County

Tara Torseth, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Phil Tostenson, City of North Mankato

Bridgette Toufar, Carlson Craft/The Occasions Group

Alison Troldahl, Mankato Area Public Schools

Morgan Vanderburg, Mayo Clinic Health System

Bradley Wallace II, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Dan White, iSpace

Tyler Willmore Carlson Craft

Judy Zeiger, South Central College

Sam Ziegler, Greater Mankato Growth



Torin Akey, MSU - Residential Life

Crystal Anderson, All American Foods, Inc.

Lindsey Bibbs-Anderson, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Michelle Biedscheid, Capstone/Coughlan Companies

James Bobholz, MTU Onsite Energy

Vickie Bushman, ProGrowth Bank

Nicole Carlson, Consolidated Communication

Pratibha Dhamala, Small Business Development Center

Brooke Forstner, Eide Bailly, LLP

Jeff Grace, Blethen, Gage & Krause

Casey Hardy, Blue Earth County

Dan Hart, Mankato Clinic

Aaron Hatanpa, Hatanpa Insurance Agency

Diron Jacobsen, Walmart

Katie Johnson, City of North Mankato

Josh Kutil, Kato Engineering

Elisabeth Moat, AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center

Shawn Morgan, North Mankato Police Department

Kim Mueller, Mankato Area Public Schools

Robyn Naumann, Mankato Clinic

Jessica O’Brien, MN Council of Churches

Amal Osman, City of Mankato

Darci Pratt, Pratt, Kutzke & Associates LLP

Tyler Scholl, Kato Engineering

Joe Smentek, Minnesota Soybean

Kelly Sonnek, Jack Link's Beef Jerkey

Kim Spears, City of North Mankato

Tricia Stenberg, Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Stephanie Steward, Mayo Clinic Health System

Connie Stokman, All American Foods, Inc.

Joe Thom, All American Foods, Inc.

Shelby Thorne, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Jacob Thunander, Region Nine Development Commission

Steven Toedter, MTU Onsite Energy

Dan Tomhave, Bethany Lutheran College

Wade Volk, Volk Transfer

Sara Will, Mankato Clinic

Chris Willaert, Visit Mankato

Steve Winkler, Jones & Magnus

Karen Wolters, Mankato Area Public Schools

Lindsey Worden, Jack Link's Beef Jerkey

Kristy Ziegler, Carlson Craft

Thomas Zimmerman, Consolidated Communications


2010 - 2015

2010 - 2011

Mark Anderson
Gale Bigbee
Benjamin Borer
Magen Feuchtenberger
Joe Fredrick, Jr.
Kimberly Giebal
Pam Hermanson
Joann Jenning
Lisa Johnson
Ginnette Kearney
Christopher Kind
Michael Laskey
Aleta Lin
Andrea Marinenko
Benjamin McAnich
AJ Menden
Lisa Peterson
Lisa Rucker
Chris Sandquist
Jaci Siebenaler
Annetta Skogen
Jon Stordahl
Mitchell Wilking
Suzanne Willaert

2011 - 2012

Joshua Anderson
Laura Bealey
Nick Burger
Christopher Cavett
Mark Eskro
Jessica Frein
Christina Froehlich
Gary Gavin
Cory Genelin
Beth Ingalls
Douglas Johnson
Brenda Leibfried
Amy Linde
Rob Martin
Mike McGowan
Melissa McGraw
Naomi Mortensen
Carolyn Nelson
Christopher Nelson
Brent Pattison
Dalaine Remes
Stephanie Stack
Jeff Stagg
Sam Steiger
Laura Templin
Elizabeth Whitcomb
Sara Wilfahrt
Kate Wilson
Scott Wojcik
Eric Woller

2012 - 2013

Debra Addis
Brittany Anderson
Michael Atherley
Toby Begnaud
John Branstad
Joe Brennan
Deb Caldwell
Alan Cole
Shelly Cornish
Lana Eccles
Brad Embacher
Carrie Flanagan
Julie Foster
Eric Harriman
Tonya Hobbie
Sean Jamison
Jeffery Johnson
Mary Kaisershot
Wendy Keenan
Scott Kleven
Patti Kramlinger
Todd Miller
Mark Mitzel
Kyle Mrozek
Jill Mueller
Eric Plath
Jeff Pribyl
Jason Quint
Tom Rivers
Matt Schindle
Benjamin Suker
Jennifer Thon
Karen Toft
Chuck Vermeersch
Kelsie Wagner
Jolene Wall
Anne Willaert
Shanna Willaert
Kari Young
Lisa Hoffman Wojcik

2013 - 2014

Patrick Baker
Brian Bibbs
Tracy Brovold
John Bulcock
Jeff Call
Jennifer Catron
Jennifer Ceminsky
Nicole Edens
Dan Ehrke
Molly Elder
Nicole Feltault
Dain Fisher
David Freitag
Jennifer Harguth
John Harrenstein
Sandra Hollerich
Shannon Hoolihan
Cheryl Jones
Todd Joyal
Kenneth Kuehner
Paul Lawton
Julianne Leiferman
Jennifer Lurken
Nancee Mason
Shannon Nuy
Abbie Olson
Mary Oudekerk
Amber Power
Bryan Pratt
Benjamin Rigdon
Richard Ringler
Trisha Rosenfeld
Brian Salzle
Josh Sherburne
Brett Skilbred
Laura Stevens
Wallace Thomas
Chastity Valvick
Ann Vetter
Lindsey Walker
Don Westphal
Dallas Willman
Angela Ziegler

2014 - 2015

Alissa Brekke
Casey Christenson
Burle Christopherson
John Considine III
Eric Dosch
Adam Fries
Seth Ferkenstad
Andrew Garry
Leah Hansen
Jana Hansen
Elizabeth Harstad
Paula Heyer
Carly Hopper
Lucas Howk
Shane Johnson
Mark Johnson
Leah Kranz
Chris Lienemann
Dianna Lyngholm
Elizabeth Manderfeld
Theodore Manthe
Becky McCarty
James Meyer
Josh Milow
Julie Morgan
Ted Ornas
Eric Peters
Alec Pfeffer
Kayla Powers
Jennifer Rorick
Tamera Saar
Amy Schroepfer
Paul Shneider
Joelle Shouts
Bradley Swanson
Roger Sward
Susan Tarnowski
Greg Torseth
Shane Van Engen
Jennifer Zieske


2005 - 2010

2005 - 2006

Lynn Akey
Danny Anderson
David Andre
Matthew Coulsey
Matthew Downs
Krystal Dredge
Brian Duehring
Laura Elvebak
Jeffrey Evenson
Jeremy Geppert
Scott Johnson
Jeffrey Kienholz
Roger Kienholz
Joshua Klopp
Brian Lawrence
Wendy Meyer
Robert Norman
Leah Pockrandt
Mary Rettmer
Jason Reuter
Shelly Sabatka
Amy Schmidt
Johanna Simpson
Frederick Slocum III
Dan Solheid
Ryan Spaude
Pat Steffensmeier
Randall Swenson
Barbara Tonn
Kathleen Trauger
Jim Wall
Pam Weller-Dengel

2006 - 2007

Heidi Beske
Jessica Beyer
Lisa Boelter
Nate Brekke
Marcius Brock
Beth Colway
Steve Csizmadia
Tessa Donato
Bill Douglass
Brian Grey
Jennifer Hlubek
Heidi Hudson-Roberts
Amy Junge
Michelle Klehr
Jill Klinger
Mark Kluender
Rebecca Kunst
Calvin Moultrie
Dena Nundahl-Colemer
Sally Obernolte
Duane Olenius
Richard Palmatier
Kelly Peterson
Jim Pockrandt
Trinette Risting
Wendy Schuh
Beth Serrill
Jerod Smithback
Mary Jo Starkson
Anthony Twedt
Tom Umhoefer
DeeDra Vosburg

2007 - 2008

Krista Ahlers
Jll Baker
Michelle Carter
Molly Christensen
Herman Dharmarajah
Karl Fager
Jerrel Flanagan
John Ganey
Justin Grev
Melanie Grund
Rachel Hanson
Rick Harbath
Jennifer Homer
Jody Hunstad
Kurt Johnson
Peter Johnson
Curtis Kawlewski
Mary Lou Kudela
Joy Leafblad
Andrea Luedtke
Lisa Melchior
Andrew Meyers
Larissa Mrozek
David Pfeffer
Will Remmert
Christopher Rients
Brenda Rohlfing
Bryan Stading
Joleen Stelter
Trent Talle
Alex Taylor

2008 - 2009

Laura Bartolo
Robin Beck
Ted Boehm
Katie Boone
Keith Deitering
Thomas Flunker
Brian Fors
Diane Halvorson
Kelly Hanson
Linda Hanson
Sarah Harstad
Andrew Hlubek
Cathy Hughes
Michelle Hunstad
Mike Klehr
Jodi Lumsden
Kristel Lynch
Brian Malm
Meredith Menden
Joan Rasmussen
Geoff Roise
Monde Schwartz
Brenda Stevermer
Greg Tholkes
Kevin Velasquez
Nate Wenner
Earl Williams
Amber Wright

2009 - 2010

Andrew Tatge
Bonnie Pettis
Cheryl Hamond
Christi Wilking
Christopher Austin
Glenn Austin
Heather Gleason
Jana Klein
Jake Krier
Jim Panko
Lisa Nagel
Lora McCollum
Ramon Pinero
Ramona Callahana-Beiswanger
Ronald Romnes
Ryan Crabtree
Sandra Oachs
Steven Friese
Brian Gersich
David Krueger
Valerie Bentdahl
Anne Wolff


2000 - 2005

2000 - 2001

Elizabeth Boots
Troy Diedrich
Donna Drganc
Stacey Edwards Jones
Charlene Hanson
Nancy Hopkins
John Lach
Sue Larsen
Chad Lebert
Amy Lewison
Cheryl Lindquist
James Lundgren
Roxy Mortvedt
Julie Oliver
Lois Quinn
Cres Reid
Sara Rundle
Rodney Schumacher
Lance Schwartz
Jennifer Spaude
Leslie Stoltenberg
Denise Thompson
Wendy Wyant
Denise Zernechel

2001 - 2002

Claudia Collier
Jennifer Converse
Doug Dittbenner
Joe Duncan
Doug Elkins
Greg Gray
Chandler Holland
Peggy Julian
Kari Juni
Kaaren Keohane
Frederic Koval
Edie Leasman
Richard Lund
Gregg Marg
Nick Meyer
Christopher Mickle
Daniel Mundahl
Julie Nelson
Eric Oleson
Lisa Oslund
Heather Stoufer
Dorothy Tipler
Karen Wasko
Charlyn Webster
Elizabeth Weinandt
Kimberly Wobschal
Diane Zimmerman

2002 - 2003

Linda Annis
Bonnie Babb
Shelley Becker
Linda Beer
Shane Bowyer
Dawn Fellows
Derek Fisher
D. Scott Gril
Cathy Groebner
Timothy Hayes
Lois Jaeger
Kathy Johnson
Susan Kennedy Ostendorf
Dustin Lee
Peggy Mueller
Katie Nerem Roth
Julene Nolan
Dwain Petersen
Arlee Session
Denise Thomas
Jay Thompson
Kay Wallerich
Marilyn Weber
Dean Wellner
Karen Wright
Matthew Yach

2003 - 2004

Timothy Anderson
Carla Becker
Sara Brigger Gleason
Jennifer Caldwell
Scott Danger
Dennis Davito
Barbara Embacher
Tina Enz-Wolff
Diana Gabriel
Robyn Goldy
Darcy Helder
Lisa Jahnke
Jean Javens
Tedmund Johnson
Linda Koepp
Loretta Lamb
Donna Marzolf
Joseph Meidl
Bobbi Nawrocki
Christine Nessler
David Norris
Betty Ouren
Christopher Roe
Anna Schwanke
Anna Thill
Elizabeth Ulman
Arthur P. Westphal
David Wittenberg

2004 - 2005

Shane Baier
Rick Bartlett
Keith Bauer
Julie Bennett
Peter Blethen
Brian Corbett
Edell Fiedler
Greg George
Ruth Griebenow
Linda Hilligoss
Hilary Hippen-Leek
Sandra Jessen
Brian Jones
Catherine Lauer
Dustin Lee
Janet Moldstad
Shannon O'Connor
Jeanette Phillips
Daniel Quittem
Carrie Rice
Luke Robinson
Shannon Robinson
Craig Rosfjord
Debra Schulz
Jacqueline Scroggs
Charles Thomas
David Thompson
Troy Werk
John Whitington
Becky Wilson
Kate Winkels
Shannon Zika


1995 - 2000

1995 - 1996

Nancy Benson
Janice Berndt
Pam Cords
Pat Davis
Suzanne Douma
Jodie Drager
Stephanie Drengler
Dawn Fazio
Tony Filipovitch
Fred Fritz
Linda Giersdorf
Jeff Hagen
Terri Jensen
Julia Ketcham-Corbett
Bonne Knutson
Dan Larson
Linda Leiding
Geri McCarthy
Judy Ringler Mountain
Erling Teigen
Anne Walsh
Alice Weydt

1996 - 1997

Amy Atkins
Kathleen Bakken
Al Bennett
Brian Benshoof
Joseph Breiter
Christopher Cain
James Fedson
Debra Flemming
John Ginther
Cindy Klingel
Ron Koth
Debra Mehr
Joseph Meixl
Charles Parsons
Cheryl Petersen-Kroeber
Elizabeth Sharp
Michael Sieberg
Laura Wilson
John Zellmer

1997 - 1998

Kathleen A. Brynaert
Gary Burandt
Kevin Burns
Greg Costello
Carrie Danielson
Candee Deichman
John Finke
Robert Freyberg
Gordon Gibbs
John B. Hemstock
Nathan Jensen
Paul Lindfors
Gael Mericle
Timothy Murry
John G. Nadeau
Diane Norland
Rita Petrie
Linda Pilgrim
Will Purvis
Brenda Roemhildt
Andrew P. Roos
Sandra Schnorenberg
Philip Slingsby
Clyde Stewart
Richard Stuve

1998 - 1999

Bonnie Anderson
Marcia Bahr
Neal Benson
Russell Berg
Laura Bowman
Gerry Burke
Sam Cebula
Anne Chapman
Terri Evers
Bruce Freeberg
Rod Hebrink
Marcus Hendrickson
Jeff Hudson
Ginny Jordan
Daniel Jordet
Cheryl Kalakian
Diana Karau
Katie Klanderrud
Jerry Kopel
Tom Kopp
Les Koppendrayer
Erik Leagjeld
John Leif
Steve Michel
Beverlee Mountain
Shayne Narjes
Al Neely
Lucy Nelson
Christine Phinney
Karen Sandersfeld
Mark Sharpless
Kathy Sonnek
Colleen VanBlarcom

1999 - 2000

Tom Barna
Paul Bertino
Kath Bill
Kevin Bittner
Chris Carpenter
Jed Falgren
Julie Frederick
Marilyn Frederick
Sam Gett
Bruce Gratz
Jim Gullickson
Margaret Hesser
Cheri Jensen
Trish Johnson
Jean Klosowski
Michelle Laven
Jane Lebert
Dawn Makovsky
Rob Middleton
Greg Milbrath
Winnie Mitchell
Roberta Moorhouse
Kathy Mork
Tracy Nickels
Tami Rueter
David Richards
Warren Sandmann
Lynn Schultz
Michelle Steindl


1990 - 1995

1990 - 1991

Jody Bloemke
Jo Cattrysse
Joe Chester
Lisa Dahman
Archie Kendall
Alan Kiefer
Amy Neils
Thomas Nester
Roland Nord
Marilyn Northamer
Patty O'Connor
David Pearson
Gail Point
Rick Steinberg
Julie Vetter
Marion Welter

1991 - 1992

Joslin Anderson
Sally Beal
Charles Berg
Diane Biedscheid
Rita Browne
Susan Bruss
Marlene Buker
Bill Coughlan
Margaret DeBoom
Shirley Eken
Myron Erstad
Holly Frohling
Viola Gray
Lisa Hamel
Arlene Herzberg
Ginny Hughes
Amy Ites
Allan Kluever
Robert Richter
Thomas Riley
Dan Sarff
Wayne Sharp
Bruce Simmons
Kathy Vos
Eric Weller

1992 - 1993

Nancy Bellig
Patricia Biesterfeld
Kevin Bores
Denise DeCock
Steven Ditschler
Judy Hayes
Norla Hesse
Sharon Juliar
Pam Keim
Kay Kendall
Kim Knutson
Robert Meyer
Jodi Miller
William VanderSluis
Bill Ward

1993 - 1994

Suzanne Bunkers
Mary Conley
Jill Evans
Joan Flad
David Gette
Pamela Harbarth
Cynthia Hintz
Mark Kasma
Janet McMahon
Steve Olson
Donald Poplau
Kathleen Schuetz
Richard Straka
Teriann Thompson
Rebecca Waskosky
John Wood

1994 - 1995

Bonnie Barrer
Robert Else
Douglas Gardner
Shannon Gullickson
Gretta Handke
Jerry Huettl
Mary Jacobs
Mary Jones
Jerry Kolander
Dan Lemke
Kelly McDonough
Linda Meidl
Nancy Meyer
Rod Meyer
Mike Nolan
John Parham
Jayne Pietsch
Celeste Rubie
Barbara Sanders
Laurie Seys
Kathy VanTol
Susan Ward


1985 - 1990

1985 - 1986

Nancy Achterhoff
Jerry Bambery
Marilu Bambery
Burke Bartell
Mary Bloodgood
Keith Boleen
Alec Boyce
Richard Breiter
Gerald Brian
Daniel Chiodo
Kenneth Christenson
Bruce Cobb
Richard Coyle
Abby Draper
Steve Flo
Julie Gleason
Mary Jo Goettl
Maureen Gustafson
Julie Kroubetz
Colleen Landkamer
Mike Lindquist
Vickie Michels
Elaine Needham
David Neiman
Dean Netwal
Marty Penkhus
Brad Pratt
Brad Reeves
Shirlee Ruble
Dave Salsberry
David Sawyer
Elaine Schoeneberger
Stephanie Suttles
Marty Thompson
David VanNingen
Dan Weir

1986 - 1987

Pamela Baird
Patrick Bradley
Catherine Bristol
Duane Buckholz
Tim Bye
Kathie Davis
Mike Donohoe
Glenn Gabriel
Judith Gauch
Dave Hageman
Ruth Harvey
Pat Johnson
Ron Jones
Jack Kolars
Gordon Lundin
Diane Manahan
Robbie Madison
James Norman
Betty Mitchell
David Ortley
Quintin Pettigrew
Holley Reeves
Bruce Ruble
Sue Ann Strom
David Sullivan
Eydie Swanson
Wes Swanson
Glenda Taylor
Roberta Weihrauch
James Weikum
Carol Welp
Joe Wingen

1987 - 1988

Ross Arneson
Pamela Bartholomew
Lois Berg
Frank Cesario
Lois Cheever
Beth Christensen
Susan Cole
Linda Danielson
Margo Dietz
Kathleen Dorn
Mary Dowd
Frank Ellesmere
Carol Frederick
Kent Garvin
Roger R. Greenwald
Mary Haley
Ruth Harvey
Richard Hinniker
Mary Ann Holdrege
Madeline Hoppe
Robert Hultkrantz
David Knutson
Barbara Lamson
Heidi Miller
April Moen-Johnson
Ray Morrell
Toni Hesheim
Pat Norris
Steven Ohrtman
Cheryl Regan
Martha Robinson
Denise Rosin
Marilyn Shain
Ann Splinter
Gregg Sunder
Scott Taylor
Max Tjaden
Cheryl Thomas
Dennis Wahlstrom
Michael Woitas
Dennis Zellmer

1988 - 1989

Judy Arzdorf
JO Guck Bailey
Rosie Brunmeier
Carmen Buurg
Marsha Danielson
Ruth Germundson
Greg Hagfors
Beverly Herda
Michael Hoffman
Lowell Johnson
Jack Jordan
Margaret Lawrence
Neal Lund
Robert Maas
William Maki
Linda McGraw-Ellesmere
Mary Nolan
Mary O'Sullivan
Douglas Otopalik
Kevin Paap
Jennifer Pfeffer
Jerry Pietz
Gloria Rasmussen
Allen Ratzloff
Kent Reeves
Steve Rome
Terry Root
Roselyn Skillman
Kathryn Van Buskirk
Scott Veldman
Dorthea Walters
Kathy Weinstein
Randy Westman
Pam Willard
Jane Wold
Gloria Zachow

1989 - 1990

Mary Aleckson
Viginia Bieren
Jim Blake
Keith Brekke
Brad Brozik
June Crofts
Joan Eisenreich
David Ellison
John Gaddo
Jim Hanson
Deanna Karstens
Julie Kroeger
Tammy Kunz
Mike Lagerquist
Dennis Landwer
Edie Lange
Julaine Larson
Marion Lichtenberg
Molly Madden
Nancy Menzel
Diane McPherson
Nancy Menzel
Debbie Ohrtman
Steve Quade
Robert Reeves
Pat Salaski
Ronald Schirmers
Shelly Schulz
William Simonette
David Sunderman
Fern Symens
Thomas Tiggelaar
Mike Trieschman
Dotty VanderWilt
Eileen Wells
Scott Wright
Dotty Vanderwilt


1983 - 1985

1983 - 1984

John Baker
Misty Baker
Rebecca Ball
Neal Benson
Darlene Brandt
Eugene Brandt
Jane Confer
Ogden W. Confer
Joseph Fogal
Betty Hawthorn
Michael Hoffman
Paul Horrisberger
Bonnie Hugeback
Denise Hudson
Clark Johnson
Douglas Johnson
Mary Jones
Richard Kakeldey
Robert Kitchenmaster
James Mehrman
Rob Middleton
Jack Nawrocki
Brenda Penning
Brad Reeves
Holley Reeves
Joe Richter
Martha Robinson
Chuck Rudolph
Neala Schleuning
Denise Schmidt
Dennis Siemer
Stephanie Stoffel
Sandra Tanner
Kathleen Trauger
Raymond Thompson
Tim Violet
Ed Waltman
Steve Welp
David Wintz
Pam Year

1984 - 1985

Tom Anderson
Russ Blaschko
Diane Berge
Michaelel Boike
Alec Boyce
Thomas Brekke
Jean Bye
Ric Confer
Don Craig
Jerry Crest
Claire Gau
Floyd Griffith
Wally Hayenna
Paul Horrisberger
Paul Jones
Carol Lee
Joe Leonard
Patricia Morano
Russell Murphy, Jr.
Korby Peltola
Delane Renfroe
Stephen Rolfsrud
Les Schneider
Christina Sheran
Donna Steele
Robert Stowell
Carolyn Swan
Sam Terrell
Terry Tone
Creighton Wersal
Patricia Winkelman


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