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The Mankato-North Mankato metro area has had steady population growth since 2010.  Over the last 9 years, the MSA has grown by 4.14%.  On average, the 32 MSAs in the upper Midwest (MN, ND, SD, IA, WI) grew by 7.54%.  However, many (30) of those MSAs are larger in size therefore grow at a much faster rate.  The same can be said of MSAs with a similar percent of college age students (18-24 years old) with an average population more than double (220,905) that of Mankato-North Mankato.  MSAs of similar size population (the 10 just above and the 10 just below) grew by only .2%.


The Mankato-North Mankato ranks well when comparing our community to others with a similar population, communities with a similar college-aged population, and other communities across the midwest.


For the full report and a detailed look at Mankato-North Mankato compared to communities of similar size, download the Greater Mankato Economic Report below - or review reports from prior years.

Download the 2021 Greater Mankato Economic Report (PDF)

Download the 2020 Greater Mankato Economic Report (PDF)

Download the 2018 Greater Mankato Economic Report (PDF)

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